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HTC Smartphone

HTC Not long ago HTC has launched sukse products 6 smartphone that has been introduced in Indonesia market. HTC SNAP is on offering products with a $ 260 price range with operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. Smaartphone using the QWERTY keyboard is equipped with excellent features Inner Circle, which can access quickly. Touch2 dengansistem HTC Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional offers a $ 28 price range, equipped with zoom function in and out of easily accessible.

HTC Touch Diamnond2 offered with a range of $ 420 using the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with a touch screen width. Hero is HTC Smartphone with Google operating system Android with the $ 500 price range. GPS-equipped HTC Hero, and digital compass.

HTC Touch Pro2 also uses Operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. This smartphone is $ 530 price dikisaran touch screen equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that serves Straight Talk to improving the quality of sound clarity. While the latter has the highest price in this release is the HD2 HTC Smartphone dikisaran offered $ 670 price. Smartphone with 1GHz processor is using Operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and using High-definition screen.

The price range above is only just so you can see details in www.htc.com/sea/

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Name Card Scan to Contact Digital

Bothered to find contact information or coworkers alumni friends from your stack of cards have. it can be overcome, one by way of digitizing the stack of business cards. If this is the best way for you, CardScan Personal is a tool worth considering.

you could actually enter the information listed in the manual card on your PC. But, of course, be returned hassle and time consuming even menuras your energy. CardScan personal may allow you to facilitate the storage of such data automatically, simply by inserting the card into the machine it printed text will be read and saved automatically, with applications available in the sales package.

CardScan personal memiiki compact size when compared with the scanner measures 4.5 x 3.125 inches. CardScan the record still has limited the scan results and still no color belukm a driver support for windows operating system 64-bit.

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