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Frst on the keyboard troubleshooting

Display Keyboard error
What you mean a PC, without using the keyboard. Although small and price is cheaper than the other. But this one is the peripherals that are very important in running an operation in the PC. used if the PC does not have a floppy disk drive you can still work, but if your PC does not use the keyboard you will not be able to run PC's. Damage to this first, the computer only to appear, but does not want to continue their activities and give the message "keyboard error ... cheksum CMOS failur ... press F1 to continue and del to setup". so intruksi you follow, your PC does not show the results as well as signs to continue. The error number of factors, which may be the cause of the damage so that the display is a keyboard error. 1. conector interruptedly keyboard can cause a message that appears on the screen keyboard error. * Solution o the problems that may help you to overcome the above problems, namely the wedge with the paper, if considered urgent conector can change before a new keyboard. 2. likely also be on the keyboard is a data cable to drop out. usually dropped out of the base conector. if it is not like the keyboard will be a way. * Solution o the possibility of the problems that you may be able to do to help overcome the causes of corruption in the top, with the data using the keyboard with the AVO meters. if they found that the data cable that have dropped out, then replace the cable with the other. but if not there may be damage to the other. 3. IC controler keyboard found on the keyboard to work comvert language code / digits that ASCI will be informed to the mainboard, with the appropriate button in the press. IC damaged if the keyboard does not will road. * Solution o If using a new keyboard, to replace the IC is not possible because the price of IC controler keyboard more expensive than buying a new keyboard. I love so suggestions to overcome the above problems is to replace with a new keyboard. 4. Sometimes does not match the estimates, all have been replaced but still error kevboard possibility is that the last rupture sekring on the mainboard with the keyboard
/ female socket, labeled FS1 or F1 or L1. This component serves to deliver voltages of 5V to the keyboard this component is small as a sekring flow divider, if this sekring dropout voltage and current will also drop out so the keyboard does not get the voltage to run its tasks. * Solution o to cause the above is to replace the component F1 (sekring) the other, and must be the same size, if sekring not have this then you can replace it with a resistor.

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