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Only Move the Cursor Horizontal / Vertical

There is an error factor of factors that may cause a cursor so that only moving horizontal / vertical, and all of that can be learned the following. When the mouse is used for long periods can cause the sensor to become dirty or ball mouse can also participate in the collection of dirty by the thick dust, this can cause the mouse to move one direction, because the mouse movement jammed. o The solution is in the mouse there are one or two to open the mouse Cassing found naked in a mouse, the mouse with the roller clean warm water or alcohol, after a clean install again as they are. * Mouse movement in the set by a given photo transistor optocoupler light be a roller rotation, rotation of each roller will make the mouse movement up and down, left or right, if the sensor is not working then the mouse will be subject to the mouse movement. o The solution is to measure the cable data using AVO meters. sensor with two feet there is an optocoupler sensor that has three feet how to measure it the same as transistor. if found in one of two directions is broken, replace the sensor with the other.

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