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BLOG? What's a blog? Blog is a website that contains text (posts) are periodic. function of blogs is very diverse, ranging from diaries to the purposes of making a business promotion. in the world today is that there are 100 million blogs in cyberspace. especially after you read this post and create a blog, that blogger in the world is increasing 1 person. There are several types of blogs, along with the trend then the blogger can be divided into:

1. Personal Blogger (someone who writes the blog diary).

2. Business Blogger (People who use blogs to promote their products.

3. Organizational Blogger (People who use blogs for business community.

4. Professional Blogger (people who paid for the work, aka blogging for money via blog).

Of various types of blogs we will discuss the above in that the 4 types of professional Blogger, aka make money through blogs. there are a variety of blog servers that you can use to create a blog and make money, among other things:

1. WordPress (http://wordpress.com)

2. Blogger (http://blogger.com)

3. Blog.com (http://blog.com)

4. LiveJournal (http://livejournal.com)

5. Blogsome (http://blogsome.com)

6. MyOpera (http://my.opera.com)

7. Blogdrive (http://blogdrive.com)

of various options on the blog every blog has advantages and disadvantages of each, now living your choice which would make blogs, but if for my adsense business saranka

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