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The reason why you should have a blog. part 2

in the previous post I had to explain 3 reasons why we should have a blog and here I intend to continue following reasons. maybe we are not obliged to read, but it's important for our knowledge about the world of blogs. well as in a previous post sampe three then I proceed from serial number 4.

4. blog it can eliminate the stress
if you again too late, or dizziness, just open your own blog and then write, or if not, you can open another blog later replay or give comments about other people writing blogs. guaranteed, headache and stress you will be lost.
5. Blogs make you do
point,? blogs can be a means of selling yourself. for example if you are often writing and writing good you can be offered to publishers for publication, or if you have a little capital you can publish it yourself.
6. Blogs make you good at writing
now this, do this command. make the same commitment to myself that I would write a blog posting at least one every day.
later you can count, how many postings a month.? 30 posts is not,? about a year,,? 30 x 12 = 360 postings. you mean in a year you have 360 pieces paper. many also are not,,?
if you could try writing the characters you observe every day, every bull, every three months, every six months, every year. would be no change.
so, if you wanted to be a writer please feel free to write on the blog. if possible more than one post each day. every blogger is a writer, at least in the blog writer himself.

for other reasons can be seen later in the next posting.

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