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The reason why you should have a blog

why you should have a blog in this era of modernization. because it is very useful blog, therefore I will give reasons why you should have a blog.

1. Blogs can be free

You do not have to worry about spending money to just create a blog, aka totally free, to live list (sign up) on the blog server, such as blogger.com. indeed there are some blog servers that charge, but most blog servers that currently are free alias free. free blog servers that I have explained in previous posts still wondering if the type aja free blog on search engines.

2. Blog it easy to make

not believe it.? Just list caba blogspot or multiply. guaranteed not to be confused live sign up and follow the instructions, if you ever make your e-mail the blog will not be hard because I made almost the same as making e-mail. easy. posting too easy, we can directly type in when online or if you want more efficient, first written in Ms Word and then copy and paste it on the post pages. You also do not need an expert in the field of computers, let alone to be an expert java, everything is instant tools, and easy to use. but if you want to blog better at least you should understand the basic basic HTML. but that is not mandatory.

3. Blogs that make you many friends

if you frequent blogging will certainly meet a lot of other bloggers, even if only in cyberspace, can sometimes even then forwarded to the meeting. I think there have been several blog communities such as solid Blogfam (Family bloggers).

I actually still want to explain more about why you have a blog thirst, about a 7 again that I will discuss later, please wait for the next post .. for now I suggest to try to create a blog, because I believe blogs do not harm users. thanks

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