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The reason why you should have a blog. Part 3

Now I will continue the explanation of the reasons why you should have a blog.

7. blog makes you literate IT (technology)

make a blog that's easy. but if you want to blog better, must be modified first, so you will learn to understand about IT or technology, for instance if you want to change the website template, create effects, upload photos, add comments and so on. Essentially all of these facilities are also free, you can take from each provider. but you must understand how to use it. but do not be afraid, nothing to lose if you try, will also be used, and so advanced.

8. add your blog to make smart

if you create a blog, you will be required to learn, either learn the technology or learn how to write good and so on. besides it also usually have a community of bloggers. in this community usually occurs discussions about many things, and thus will increase our insight and knowledge.

9. blogs can add to the reward

to create a blog, you can create a reward for themselves and others. but that if the contents of your blog contains something positive and useful for others.

10. Blogs can make you rich

blogs can create a rich,? How do I,,? in many ways one way advertise on your blog, by following the program paid per click ppc adsense type.

That's 10 reasons why people are advised to have a blog. maybe this is just a few of the many reasons why a better, may be useful. create a blog as your character and content of blogs according to your ability.

good luck

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