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How to play adsense

The most popular PPC program today, of course Google Adsense. Credible, courageous high pay and of course many advertiser. Of course, the happy from Google Adsense, is that you do not have to spend money for registration. The bad news? The more credible, of the level of sensitivity to the Terms of Service tinggi.bagaimana way of playing adsense

Just to remind, is the extension of adsense Adword program, which serves as a medium follow-up ad serving, profit-sharing system, which provides an opportunity for owners of web sites or blogs to place ads adword return for a commission-per-click on any ads shown on its member sites, with this pattern, google create opportunities for anyone to participate in the lucrative business. below are some tips in running adsense program.

Tip 1: Do not Put Ads on Page Blank

Google automatically displays ads based on blog topics. google even read the blog's content so the ads appear to have the same topics with content, if you put Google Adsense on empty halama likely that society service ads that appear. because good content will create a good ad too.

Tip 2: Use English

At least, if you look at things above, then the same reason why google more often displaying public service ads for the blog in Indonesian language. Google scans the content quickly, and displays relevant ads. So when he read your article in Indonesian language, then it will be difficult to find relevant ads. Akibtanya, ads can be inaccurate or even just public service ads.

Tip 3: Do not Shy To Ask

If you have a problem about Google Adsense, do not be shy to ask. Google is like the question is an input for them. There are two addresses you can use to consult about Google Adsense. For technical problems please email to adsense-tech@google.com Questions about your account or umu program at adsense-support@google.com

This is the picture of how to play on google, perhaps for a new blog and not so good will not be accepted as an advertiser on adsense, adsense for very high qualifications and a lot of rules. all have rules. because we live together with the rules. before you start playing rules adsense read

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