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Two New products from Advan

Recently, Advan has introduced several new products, namely for the netbook category, vanbook launched new products. a notebook with a 10.1-inch screen, uses Intel's Atom N450 processor that integrates Pintetrail memory controller, and GPU in the processor.

New Vanbook using batetrai 6-cell, claimed to have a durability of up to 7.2 hours. Advan soulmate offered to be a reliable tool to prioritize support DDR3 1GB memory usage, with inte Core2Duo T6600 processor 2.20 GHz and has a 14-inch screen.

Advan can make our choice for people who want to enjoy multimedia entertainment. features in the latest notebook can also be found on this product. such as Wi-Fi support and built-webcame. info: www.advandigital.com

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