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Misa Digital Guitar

Misa Digital GuitarAge has changed. 20th century brings us to the era of technology, where technology is very influential in life. starting from a tool to work until the equipment may not be too important for some people. This 20th century to facilitate the lives of up to bed again we continue to be served by the machine.

and now a company based in sydney, Australia, has recently introduced an interesting product to be listened to, especially the guitarists musicians who want to be free of skin problems thick fingers, torn or broken nail or a callused finger or scratched due to a guitar string . This product is called misa digital guitar.

a stringed guitars can not play like a real electric guitar complete with sound effects. replace string function, using the Touch screen misa digital guitar control. enough with the combination of movements at the touch screen and select the key combination tones in the grip, the soft voice like an electric guitar and sound effects can be produced this misa digital guitar.

of course very necessary adjustment or adaptation of the electric guitar into the digital guitar. if the user switch from stringed electric guitar that had been previously known. but it can be. This guitar will be a one of the favored alternative would especially by present and future generations, especially the already familiar with the game guitar hero

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